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Everything you need
for perfect performance.

AUWA offers you a wide range of useful accessories, which help to make using our products particularly easy and convenient. What is more, this also helps you to make your business a safer place to work. From pressure spray bottles to hand brushes for pre-washing through to safety glasses, you will find practical additional products to meet your specific needs.

Personal protective equipment (PPE):

Personal protective equipment for handling hazardous substances includes safety gloves, eye and face protection. Chemical safety gloves protect users against direct skin contact with corrosive liquids such as acids and alkalis.

Acid safety gloves, acid resistant
Safety glasses, acid-proof, anti-mist, scratch-resistant


Washing brushes:

High-quality surface and hand wash brushes for professional surface and wheel cleaning as well as for specifically cleaning vehicle interiors and seat upholstery.

Hand and pre-wash brush with long handle
Surface wash brush without aluminium insert
Hand brush with ergonomic grip and rubber edge
Multi-brush with short handle and rubber edge
Interior brush (hard) in slim design

Measuring beaker:

The scales of the measuring cylinders are raised on the surface and thus remain visible even after cleaning. The long-lasting and high-contrast colour facilitates reading. Ergonomically shaped handles for comfortable working.

Measuring beaker 2000 ml logo AUWA
Measuring beaker 500 ml logo AUWA

Spray devices:

To be used for manual wheel cleaning, pre-washing in conveyor tunnel systems, insect removal, as well as for cleaning stainless steel, installations and bays. Maximum resistance to strong acids and alkalis.

Spray bottle 1 litre
Pressure spray bottle 1,25 litre, alkali-resistant, blue
Pressure spray bottle 1,25 litre, acid-resistant, red
Rondomatic 5 E, alkali-resistant, blue
Rondomatic 5 P, acid-resistant, red

Spare parts:

Genuine spare parts – suitable for our spray bottles, pressure spray bottles and Rondomatic models. Other spare parts available on request.

Tools for pH testing:

The pH tester provides a simple means for electronically checking the salt content in aqueous solutions. It takes account of the temperature of the test solution and automatically compensates this with the aid of an integrated temperature sensor to the reference temperature of 25°C. The measuring results are displayed in the unit mS/cm.

Conductivity meter
pH tester "Checker"
pH measuring strips

Windscreen wiper sleeves & colour coding:

Plastic sleeves for protecting the wipers during the wash process. Length 80 cm / width 6.5 cm / sleeve thickness 0.04 mm. The AUWA colour coding on containers and the dosing units of the systems makes assignment easier when filling the system: Each cleaning task has its own colour.

Retrofit kit – colour coding
Plastic sleeves/windscreen wipers 1,000 pces.