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The perfect pre-wash for
perfect washing results.

The basic requirement for a perfectly clean car is an effective pre-wash. AUWA offers a whole range of special pre-cleaners. Advanced raw materials and highly effective detergents combine to efficiently remove stubborn dirt and road grime. At the same time, special insect cleaners work to remove insect debris. For wheel cleaning, either highly acidic or highly alkaline agents are used, which reliably remove brake dust and other stubborn dirt. For all qualities of water, our product range offers the optimum solution and is completely free of NTA. Opt for a pre-cleaner from AUWA – efficient car care starts here.

All pre-cleaner products

PowerTecs* – the best performance pre-cleaner

The professionals' choice of pre-cleaner

Professionals swear by it: this highly alkaline cleaner for powerful pre-washing also when tackling extremely stubborn dirt and road grime. The special formula even removes organic residues, such as insect squash, and also doubles up as a wheel cleaner. Our best pre-cleaner with excellent foaming action for professional use.

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PreLavan Perfume*

For the pre-wash with intense fragrance.

  • Effective pre-cleaner for the removal of stubborn road dirt
  • Suitable for wheel cleaning and use in self-service car washes
  • Strong foaming
  • With exotic sandalwood fragrance

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PreLavan Universal*:

Tough on dirt. Risk-free to use.

This alkaline pre-cleaner has been specifically developed for machine use. The pre-cleaner dissolves stubborn dirt and road grime such as e.g. insect residues and delivers optimum shine and drying results. maxiclean eco is also suitable for use as a degreaser for cleaning engines and motorbikes. 

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PreLavan Scent*:

Effective pre-wash with a kick of pleasant freshness.

PreLavan Scent can do quite a lot. And what's more, can do what it does pretty well indeed. After all, its extremely effective foam tackles virtually everything that gets stuck to vehicles: traffic film, grease, oil, exhaust residues and even insect debris – accompanied by a pleasantly fresh fragrance. In this sense, PreLavan Scent is not just a highly effective cleaning foam, but also a sweet smelling workaholic.

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PreLavan Extra*:

Superb value for money amongst pre-cleaners.

Good solution when, as a professional, you require high performance at low cost. PreLavan Extra removes all types of dirt and leaves a fresh orange fragrance. A pre-cleaner with impressive foaming action, which is also perfect for use as a wheel cleaner. Thanks to its high alkalinity, it delivers great performance.

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