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Chemical drying aids

Special products for a brilliant finish.

Chemical drying aids from AUWA constitute the basic requirement for optimum drying results in car washes. They help to effectively break down the water's surface tension and ensure a rapid beading effect on the vehicle surface. This makes it easier for the blower to blow the surface almost completely dry – all that remains is a brilliant shine. AUWA drying aids can be used with all qualities of water and, as you might expect, are free of mineral oil.



Drying at its very best.

  • Best performance dryer concentrate for a brilliant shine
  • Basis for effective blower drying
  • Rapid beading effect over large surface area, for perfectionists
  • Suitable for all wash water conditioning systems

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DryGloss Brilliant*:

Intense drying. Intense shine.

    • Highly concentrated chemical drying aid with gloss enhancer
    • Rapid breakdown of the water's surface tension, excellent shine
    • Perfect for combining with other AUWA products

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        DryGloss Forte*:

        Gleaming results in car showrooms.

        • Effective chemical drying aid
        • Rapid drying and superb high gloss finish
        • Excellent value for money
        • Suitable for all qualities of water

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          DryGloss Classic*:

          The basic product.

          • Chemical drying aid for the basic wash
          • Rapid breakdown of the water's surface tension
          • Effective drying

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