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Special products for conveyor tunnel systems

Sparkling clean at top speed.

Time is money. The same applies when operating conveyor tunnel systems: the higher the throughput, the greater the sales. To achieve perfect cleaning results also at high conveyor speeds, washing chemicals are required that quickly work to their maximum effect, thereby ensuring excellent washing and drying results. The special products for conveyor tunnel systems from AUWA satisfy these high demands. All the products are optimally tuned to the cleaning process of a conveyor tunnel system to ensure top results. In addition, the AUWA product range for conveyor tunnel systems is free from NTA and contains a gloss drying aid with up to 10 % faster dispersal of the water film than conventional drying agents. The high concentration and the low consumption combine to offer outstanding value for money.

WS PreWash*:

Dissolves dirt in next to no time.

  • Highly alkaline pre-cleaner specifically for use in conveyor tunnel Systems
  • Suitable for both manual and automatic use
  • For rapidly dissolving all types of dirt and grime
  • For outstanding cleaning results, even with a short reaction time

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WS PreWash Express*:

The powerful pre-cleaner.

  • For removal of the toughest dirt
  • Very good foaming action
  • Also suitable for use as a wheel cleaner

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WS WheelClean*:

Cleans from 0 to 100 % in seconds.

  • Highly alkaline, concentrated wheel cleaner specifically for use in conveyor tunnel Systems
  • Effective cleaning even for extremely dirty wheels
  • Suitable for both manual and automatic use
  • Also suitable as a pre-cleaner for the entire vehicle

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WS FoamClean*:

Quick to work, economical to use. 

  • Highly economical active foam specially formulated for use in conveyor tunnel Systems
  • Voluminous foam for the rapid, but gentle removal of heavy soiling
  • Ideal for conveyor tunnel systems with a wash water circuit

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WS ShampooClean*:

There is no better solution to absolute cleanliness.

  • Highly active shampoo specifically for textile and brush washing in conveyor tunnel systems
  • Quickly dissolves dirt, assists drying
  • Neutralises the alkaline pre-cleaners
  • Suitable for car washes with wash water conditioning systems

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WS ShampooClean Brilliant*:

A shampoo that supports drying.

  • Hydrophobic, supports drying
  • Fine foaming action
  • With protection effect
  • pH-neutral

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WS DryGloss*:

Dries to a sparkling finish in no time.

  • Chemical drying aid specifically for conveyor tunnel systems with a high conveyor Speed
  • Rapid dispersal of the film of water, with deep shine
  • Excellent drying results even with a low dosage

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WS SuperWax*:

Premium wax concentrate with beading effect.

  • Premium wax concentrate specifically for use in conveyor tunnel systems
  • Excellent high gloss finish
  • Long-term protection

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WS SuperPolish*:

An impressive finish.

  • Premium foam polish specifically for foam application
  • Dense foam, excellent protection
  • Impressive, deep, long-lasting shine

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