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Main wash

A wash with experience –
and with highly effective foams.

With AUWA, some 50 plus years' experience go into your main wash. For every quality of water, we know which combination of detergent substances achieve the best cleaning results and we know the conditions under which these substances optimise advanced washing facilities. AUWA products for the main wash are perfectly tuned to each other and ensure maximum cleaning performance – without placing an unnecessary burden on the material or wash water. Take advantage of our expertise and use AUWA active foams and shampoos to achieve first-class washing results in a gentle and effective way. Perfect for use without restrictions in all water conditioning systems available on the market.

Active foams for optimum cleaning performance.

AUWA active foams ensure a gentle main wash for all qualities of water, excel with their efficient cleaning action and can magically blanket vehicles in foam at the operator's discretion. Detergent substances effectively cut through even the toughest of dirt, surrounding the particles, thereby allowing them to be lifted off with ease. Suitable for use in all water conditioning systems on the market.


Best performance active foam for all applications.

  • Best performance active foam with excellent cleaning power
  • Removes insect residues, oil and dried-on road grime
  • Excellent paintwork compatibility
  • Excellent foaming action in all conditions coupled with minimal consumption

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FoamClean Fruity*:

Active foam with maximum fragrance.

  • pH-neutral active foam with sensational fragrance
  • Excellent foaming action and cleaning performance
  • Highly concentrated and kind to material

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FoamClean Mint*:

Fragrance and foam experience also for self-service areas.

  • pH-neutral scented foam with fresh minty fragrance
  • Excellent foaming action, gentle on material
  • Perfect for use in self-service Areas
  • Scented foam offering good value for money

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FoamClean Extra*:

FoamClean quality also unscented.

  • Alkaline active foam with excellent foaming action
  • Exceptional material and hardness compatibility
  • Functional FoamClean quality

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Highly concentrated shampoos, economical in use.

Brush shampoos have two tasks: to wash cars and to keep the washing material clean. All the shampoos from AUWA fulfil both requirements with ease.  They ensure excellent washing results and are suitable for use without restrictions for all the washing materials on the market. AUWA Shampoos are biodegradable, suitable for all qualities of water and economical in use.

ShampooTecs* – the best performance shampoo:

Shampoo, active foam and pre-cleaner in one.

  • Highly alkaline Special shampoo for outstanding cleaning results
  • Reliably keeps all washing materials clean
  • Optimum foaming helps our care products produce a high gloss finish

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ShampooClean Perfume*:

One gleaming performance after the other.

  • Alkaline shampoo for automatic car washing
  • Powerful cleaning action for all water qualities
  • Fruity summer fragrance

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ShampoClean Extra*:

Highly compatible for automatic textile and brush washing.

  • pH-neutral shampoo for automatic car washing
  • Effective cleaning performance
  • Good material compatibility

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ShampooClean Plus*:

The specialist - effectively removes limescale and rust. 

  • Acidic special car shampoo
  • Removes iron and limescale deposits from washing materials, bay and installation
  • For automatic textile and brush washing and manual bay and installation cleaning
  • Regulates the pH-value in the wash water, creates the basis for optimum drying results

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ShampooClean Special*:

Special shampoo for automatic vehicle washing. 

  • Alkaline, highly effective shampoo, optimises the wash water quality
  • Excellent foaming and cleaning action
  • Outstanding material and hardness compatibility
  • Optimises the effectiveness of each physical water conditioning system

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