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Cleaning & care products

The car is clean.
So is the rest.

Whether tiles or windows, rubber or glass – AUWA has the right cleaning aid for all surfaces and every cleaning task in professional car washes. Brushes are cleaned, tiles and floors sparkle and the windows are clear again. Take advantage of AUWA's cleaning expertise - not just for your customers' vehicles, but for the cleaning and care of your entire car wash centre.


Powerful cleaner.

Effective tile, facility and brush cleaner with corrosion protection. Foams well, suitable for the cleaning and removal of rust from stainless steel as well as for wheel cleaning. Free of hydrofluoric, sulphuric and hydrochloric acid. Contains phosphoric acid. 10 or 25 kg canister.

BayClean Power*:

Ultra-powerful cleaner.

Highly active, highly concentrated tile cleaner with gloss effect for professional use. Also suitable for manual wheel cleaning. Highly acidic, free of hydrofluoric and sulphuric acid. 10 or 25 kg canister.


Versatile cleaner.

Highly versatile cleaner. Ideally suited as fuel pump cleaner.  Effectively removes oil and grease, and perfect for cleaning all stainless steel surfaces. Can also be used as a brush shampoo, acidic. 10 l canister.


Effective cleaner.

Highly concentrated floor cleaner for the removal of wax, oil, grease and mineral stains from alkali-resistant floors. Suitable for manual and automatic floor cleaning equipment with a very short reaction time. Foam free, highly alkaline and solvent-free. 10 kg canister.


Streak-free cleaner.

Special cleaner for effective, smear-free glass cleaning, slightly acidic, with lemon fragrance. 10 litre canister.


The tyre expert.

Intensive tyre cleaner for long-lasting shine. 10 kg canister.