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Wheel cleaners

The right solution for every wheel.

It is only natural: when driving, wheels become heavily soiled with dirt and expect high demands when it comes to professional cleaning. After all, removing stubborn dirt and grime from wheels requires extra time. To ensure that wheels can be cleaned efficiently, AUWA has taken on the task of developing a range of highly effective wheel cleaners. Whether alkaline or acidic – AUWA provides professionals with the right solution for every application requiring the quick and effective removal of dirt from wheels.

Tough on dirt, gentle on wheels: alkaline wheel cleaners from AUWA.

Our alkaline wheel cleaners achieve excellent cleaning results and are tuned for both automatic and manual use. The choice is yours ...


The best performance triple-action wheel cleaner.

  • Best performance special cleaner for professional wheel cleaning
  • 1. works quickly, 2. works effectively and 3. offers initial dry-on protection
  • Suitable for use as a manual or automatic wheel cleaner and wheel cleaning foam

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WheelClean Extra*:

A real treat for wheel rims. 

  • Highly effective special cleaner for steel and alloy wheels as well as wheel covers
  • Reliably removes stubborn dirt
  • Suitable for use as a manual or automatic wheel cleaner

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Cuts through even the toughest of grime. And what’s more very quickly.

Perfect addition to our alkaline wheel cleaners: highly acidic special cleaners for manual cleaning, especially when tackling heavy soiling ...

LavaRim Forte*:

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

  • Highly acidic special cleaning agent for manual use by professionals 
  • Excellent foaming and cleaning action
  • Cuts through even the most stubborn of brake dust

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