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AUWA-Chemie GmbH

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It starts with our quality.
And ends with your enthusiasm.

Quality has many different forms at AUWA – sophisticated products, material and environmentally friendly formulas, economical operation and first-class service. All with one aim – namely, not only to satisfy you, but to impress you.

Sophisticated products – innovations for your success.

Auwa's special quality consists in combining sophisticated cleaning products with services that help you to be successful in business. We achieve this by formulating the necessary raw materials and active ingredients precisely so that the ratio of effective power, material protection and low consumption are perfectly balanced. Our aim - economy with highly effective results.

First-class service – based around your requests.

AUWA pioneers vehicle washing of tomorrow – with services that go beyond our product quality. After all, even the best innovation is only as good as it is useful to the operator. This is why we always gear our products and services closely to the needs and requests of our customers. Whether a large oil company or individual leaseholder – we offer you the services and marketing support you need in order to be successful.

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