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Cleaning and care chemicals for
the highest demands.

Efficient cleaning and care, low consumption and maximum cost effectiveness. This is what the TecsLine chemical product range from WashTec's subsidiary AUWA stands for. Modern formulas and selected quality raw materials combine to make TecsLine the best performance chemicals to meet the highest demands.

The latest TecsLine innovations


The powerful pre-cleaner for professionals

PowerTecs is the best performance pre-cleaner of the new product generation. The innovative formula permits the rapid and effective removal of even the most stubborn dirt and grime. It can be used as a pre-cleaner, wheel rim cleaner, insect remover and active foam. With excellent foaming performance and lime fragrance.

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The highly active wheel rim cleaner for professionals

WheelTecs is a highly efficient special cleaner for steel and alloy wheel rims. It makes light work of stubborn dirt such as brake dust and dried on traffic film. With innovative drying protection: residues remain soft and can be easily removed.

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Foam polish for long-lasting protection

PolishTecs is the new best performance foam polish with excellent care and protection properties and a fruity raspberry fragrance. PolishTecs is characterised by its excellent beading effect and produces an intensive high-gloss finish.

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Drying aid concentrate with sensational beading effect

DryTecs guarantees perfect drying results on all paintwork and glass surfaces. The innovative formula produces an impressive beading effect. The water's surface tension is broken down extremely quickly over a large area – even at high washing speeds.

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