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Special products for self-service car washes

All-purpose use, good for sales

Irrespective of the self-service car wash you operate – the special products from AUWA offer the right washing technology to suit every application. From traditional self-service washing powder to innovative 2-in-1 products through to the JetLine as a perfect entry-level solution for self-service vehicle washing. The JetLine products complement each other perfectly and offer you outstanding value for money. They are perfectly tuned to the latest technologies of leading self-service systems known on the market and combine good washing performance, high-volume foam with outstanding environmental and material compatibility. All self-service products from AUWA are naturally VDA-compliant and suitable for any water quality.


JetPowder Perfume*:

Fragrant pre-cleaner in powder form.

  • Powdery pre-cleaner for self-service car washes
  • Superb cleaning performance
  • Excellent foaming properties
  • Strongly alkaline with fresh spicy magnolia fragrance

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JetPowder Extra*:

Extra powerful. Extra concentrated.

  • Highly alkaline powder-form pre-cleaner for self-service car washes with a powder metering facility
  • Suitable for the rapid removal of all kinds of road grime
  • Excellent foaming action

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PreLavan Scent*:

Effective pre-wash with a kick of pleasant freshness.

  • Liquid-form, alkaline pre-cleaner, ideal for self-service car washes
  • Excellent foaming and cleaning action
  • Suitable for the pre-wash and main wash or self-service car washes 

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PreLavan Jet*:

Gets the dirt off. Even off the wheels.

  • Liquid-form, alkaline pre-cleaner, ideal for self-service car washes 
  • Effective foaming and cleaning action
  • Suitable for the pre-wash and main wash

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The perfect active foam for the power foam combination lance.

  • Active foam for self-service car washes
  • Ideally suited for the power foam combination lance
  • With raspberry fragrance

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PowerFoam Jet*:

Cleanliness you can feel.

  • Concentrated cleaning foam for self-service car washes
  • Suitable for brush wash and power foam lance application
  • Effectively lifts off the dirt, but also very gently

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ShampooClean Jet*:

Special shampoo for the main wash.

  • Slightly alkaline shampoo with good foaming and cleaning action
  • Specifically formulated for self-service applications
  • Dissolves all types of dirt

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ShineWax Jet*:

Brilliant finish at every wash point.

  • Care wax specifically for use in self-service car washes
  • Ensures brilliant shine and long-lasting protection
  • Tuned to AUWA self-service cleaning products

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No one makes things easier for your customers.

  • Unique, innovative 2-in-1 self-service product: wash and care in one step
  • Rapid beading effect, excellent washing results, unique mirror-finish shine
  • With outstanding foaming action and pleasant jasmine fragrance

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