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AUWA-Chemie GmbH

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We can tell you a lot.
Take our word for it.

We are convinced of our products and solutions. Which is why you are more than welcome to put us to the test. Whether detergents in a canister, or free trial runs in your facility, we offer convincing solutions with our products and services.

We come to you.

Investments and the choice of a business partner require careful thought. This is why it is good as a wash facility operator you can try out your suppliers and their products.  After all, the chemicals have to be tuned to each other for the various washing steps and suit the technology used on site.

Auwa gives you this opportunity and goes one step further,  we will show you how you can achieve maximum efficiency with minimal consumption, helping you to optimise your washing results at the same time. We inspect your washing facility in advance and fine tune its settings you can then test our cleaning and care products.

Or you come to us.

Get to know us in person in our new showroom in Augsburg, where we can present to you all the highlights and innovations from our range of products and services. Also, in conjunction with car washes from WashTec.