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Special products for water conditioning

Improve the quality of your water.

Reliable water conditioning not only improves the washing and drying results of your facility, our products for flocculation and odour control also help you save. Firstly, they require less fresh water. Secondly, they achieve high recycling rates. Thirdly, they are extremely economical in use and fourthly, our flocculant is free of chloride, which extends the life of your car wash facility. Incidentally, unpleasant odours are effectively eliminated and prevented from forming.

AquaFloc Universal*:

Flocculant for universal use.

  • Special flocculant for all water conditioning systems   
  • Reliable clarification of the wash water in a short time
  • Odour reduction thanks to special ingredients

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For fast and effective odour control.

  • Highly effective water treatment concentrate
  • Quickly and effectively eliminates odours in vehicle washing systems
  • Prevents odours from forming with regular use

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Caustic Soda*:

For regulating the ph-value of the wash water.

  • For regulating the pH-value in water reclamation systems
  • Ready-to-use concentrate
  • Shifts the pH-value from the acid to the pH-neutral and/or alkaline pH range

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Salt Tabs*:

Helps beat limescale.
Softening salt for water softening systems.

  • Softening salt tablets
  • For regenerating ion exchangers used for softening water
  • Essential for the trouble-free operation of your water softening system

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