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Nothing touches it.

The new high-end polymer from ShieldTecs with Organic Modified Polymer Technology, OMP technology for short, provides long-lasting protection against damaging environmental factors such as UV radiation, insects and acid rain. ShieldTecs covers the paintwork like an invisible second skin, where it provides a strong protective barrier against damaging environmental influences. This becomes visible thanks to its sensational beading effect and outstanding drying results, which will impress your customers.


Your advantages:

  • You boost customer loyalty.
  • You attract new customers.
  • You generate higher sales through higher washing prices.

Product properties:

  • High-end polymers
  • Long-lasting paintwork protection
  • Sensational beading effect
  • Pleasant cranberry fragrance

Technical data:

  • Consumption per vehicle: 10-30 ml
  • pH-value in concentrate: approx. 5

Available packaging:

  • 10 kg canister
  • 25 kg canister
  • 210 kg drum