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The best wash protects the environment.
And your finances.

A car wash is only innovative if it is environmentally and resource-friendly. Auwa has long been committed to economical and ecologically compatible washing chemicals. The operator also benefits from this in that less fresh water is used, whilst both the water recovery and conditioning are easier and more efficient. This reduces operating costs and protects the environment.

Environmentally friendly formulas for uncompromising care.

With AUWA, you are opting for highly efficient as well as environmentally friendly vehicle cleaning and care. Comprehensive quality controls and compliance with the highest standards of environmental health are a matter of course for us. All AUWA ecoline products biodegrade exceptionally well, are environmentally friendly and separate superbly in water conditioning systems.

Our range is – in contrast to conventional car care products – free from nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA). In addition, AUWA uses high-quality ingredients in highly concentrated formulations, which help to reduce the consumption per car wash. According to an AUWA in-house study, it is possible to reduce the consumption and the associated transport costs and exhaust emissions by up to 70%.

Your advantages:

Advanced formulas – eco-friendly and gentle to materials
Free from substances such as NTA and hydrofluoric acid
Highly concentrated – low consumption, maximum economy
Ideally suited for mechanical and biological water conditioning systems
All the products are bio-degradable