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Full speed ahead –
the pre-cleaner for professionals.

Best performance in all pre-cleaning processes: PowerTecs is highly alkaline and removes even the toughest of dirt from vehicle surfaces. The detergents it contains penetrate dried-on dirt, dissolving it quickly. It even makes light work of removing organic residues. Its excellent foaming action also renders the cleaning process immediately visible.


Product properties:

  • Best performance pre-cleaner for professionals
  • Highly alkaline, extremely powerful
  • Even removes dried-on dirt 
  • Exceptional foaming action
  • Suitable for manual and machine use
  • Ideally suited for touchless systems
  • Also ideal for use as a wheel cleaner and insect remover 
  • For cleaning of stell and sealed aluminium rims

Technical data:

  • Consumption per vehicle: from 20 ml, touchless from 100 ml
  • pH-value in concentrate: approx. 14
  • Recommended reaction time: max. 60 sec.

Available packaging:

  • 10 kg canister
  • 25 kg canister
  • 240 kg drum