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SelfTecs: the concept for self-service washes with effective chemicals.

Augsburg, June 2016 – The SelfTecs chemicals have been significantly enhanced by the AUWA laboratory. The product excels when used in conjunction with the foam brush with its instantly visible beading effect, which allows cars to dry faster when driven away after a self-service wash. Along with the actual chemicals, the SelfTecs concept has also been further optimised to cater to self-service wash stations.

Two become one: wash and shine in a single step. WashTec makes self-service washing easy and convenient for car wash customers. Operators have the option of offering a particularly high-quality programme structure and, as such, to boost their average price. Using the SelfTecs concept allows the programmes to be reduced by a whole two steps. With traditional self-service programmes, the washing programme mostly comprises five to six steps: high-pressure wash, foam brush, inter-rinsing, wax treatment, spotless rinsing and often supplemented by the power foam pre-wash programme. Washing and shining in one step is possible thanks to the SelfTecs concept with Wash&Shine, namely with the shining being performed during the wash cycle. A solution that no-one else offers. In conjunction with the right chemicals, you thus get a complete car wash in just three steps – entirely in line with WashTec's motto 'Experience & Results'.

Naturally, however, operators still have the choice between the two equipping options for their WashTec self-service car washes: the traditional concept with the conventional foam programme via the foam brush and additional wax programme, or the SelfTecs concept with Wash&Shine in a single programme step.

Simple drying of cars thanks to SelfTecs.

In the case of the improved SelfTecs chemicals, the integrated care components ensure the clearly visible, water-repellent properties and a brilliant shine. This means that the water's surface tension is broken down more effectively and the water rolls off easily. As a result, cars dry faster when driven away after a self-service wash. Pleasant features here are the copious foaming and the pleasant jasmine fragrance during the wash. This cleaning and care chemical concept for use in self-service car washes also features the 'repair effect' for paintwork protection. This entails the vehicle paintwork not only being sealed, but conditioned at the same time. By filling in microscopic scratches, it lends the surface a new sheen. The optimised SelfTecs concept assures customers outstanding washing results coupled with a brilliant shine.

About WashTec: Based in Augsburg, Germany, the WashTec Group ( is the world’s leading supplier of innovative carwash solutions. WashTec employs more than 1,700 people worldwide and is represented through wholly owned subsidiaries in the core markets of Europe, the United States and Canada, as well as in China and Australia. WashTec also has a presence in some 70 countries through independent sales partners.

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