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  • ShineTecs®: Improved formula for our best performance high-gloss polish.

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ShineTecs®: Improved formula for our best performance high-gloss polish.

Augsburg, June 2016 – The best performance high-gloss polish ShineTecs from AUWA is unique on the market: it not only seals, but also conditions vehicle paintwork during washing. ShineTecs has now been developed further by AUWA: the new ShineTecs formula has been refined with water-repellent components and a pleasant jasmine fragrance.

ShineTecs is visibly superior to conventional waxing products with regards to shine and protection and therefore allows operators to offer something new in gantry car washes, conveyor tunnel systems and at self-service car washes above the current "premium" wash programmes. It is also suitable for all kinds of water conditioning systems. The foam polish ShineTecs belongs to the TecsLine portfolio of washing and care products from AUWA.

"In the further development, we have added water-repellent components to the repair effect of ShineTecs," says Christoph Maletz, Head of Business Unit Chemicals and Water Recycling. "The innovative formula breaks down the water's surface tension reliably over a large area. As a result, small drops of water form on the hydrophobic surface. Special ingredients optimise the roll-off characteristic of the water, thereby accelerating the rolling off of the drops, and also prepare the surface for optimum drying." Premium gloss components see to an intense and long-lasting deep shine. Another brilliant feature of the improved formula is its pleasant jasmine fragrance. The innovative product ShineTecs is gentle to both man and environment and offers the operator an upgrade in his programme and an increase in the average price.

A bright idea: the polish that repairs the paint.

How the ShineTecs repair effect works: new car paint is extremely smooth and bright. In everyday use, however, tiny micro-depressions form in the surface and light cannot be reflected maximally any more. The shine diminishes. When washing with ShineTecs, these indentations are filled up with a protective film that sticks to the paint long-lastingly. The new protective film gets stronger with every wash and the car paintwork soon shines like new again. ShineTecs smooths and strengthens the paint surface with its formula, whilst lending the paint a deep, intense shine. The high-gloss foam polish is based on the same ingredients as the colourless lacquer finish of a vehicle. The principle: highly concentrated polymers are literally rubbed into the vehicle surface during washing, thereby filling up the micro-depressions that form in the lacquer coat during everyday use of the vehicle. In this way ShineTecs removes irregularities in the surface. The colourless protective film hardens in a few hours and sticks to the paint long-lastingly. The new protective film gets stronger with every new wash. The car paint shines like new.

AUWA ( is a subsidiary of the WashTec Group. The WashTec Group with its headquarters in Augsburg ( is the world's leading provider of innovative solutions for all aspects of vehicle washing. WashTec employs over 1,800 persons and is represented with its own subsidiaries in the core markets of Europe, the U.S. and Canada as well as in China and Australia. Furthermore, WashTec is represented by independent sales partners in around 70 countries.

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