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WS ShampooClean

Effective dirt removal and preparation for drying.

WS ShampooClean dissolves dirt quickly and reliably, whilst ensuring a gentle wash. At the same time, the special formula actively promotes the action of the drying agent. The shampoo has been developed for use in both textile and brush-based systems, where it also helps to keep the washing material clean. It neutralises the alkaline pre-cleaners in the service water. WS ShampooClean – the clever dirt remover with built-in drying preparation.

WS ShampooClean

Product properties:

  • Highly active shampoo specifically for textile and brush washing in conveyor tunnel Systems
  • Quickly dissolves dirt, helps the drying agent get down to work faster
  • Keeps the washing material and bay clean
  • Neutralises the alkaline pre-cleaners, helping to protect the paintwork

Technical data:

  • Consumption per vehicle: 10 – 25 ml
  • pH-value in concentrate: approx. 1
  • Recommended reaction time: max. 60 sec.

Available packaging:

25 kg canister