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PreLavan Jet

Gets the dirt off. Even off the wheels.

PreLavan Jet is the choice of professionals as a versatile solution for use in self-service washing stations. The pre-cleaner is not only suitable for removing road grime and exhaust residues, but can also be used as a wheel cleaner. PreLavan Jet is perfect for use in self-service car washes with a wash water circuit and any quality of water.

PreLavan Jet

Product properties

  • Liquid-form, alkaline pre-cleaner, ideal for self-service washing stations
  • Effective cleaning power and foaming action, can be regulated by adjusting the dosage
  • Suitable for pre- and main wash and wheel cleaning
  • For cleaning of stell and sealed aluminium rims

Technical data

  • Consumption per vehicle: 60 ml
  • pH-value in concentrate: approx. 13

Available packaging

  • 10 kg canister
  • 25 kg canister